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26 Re: Show Your Track Day Toys on 14th June 2012, 7:35 am

Dribbly Midget

Forza Track Days Moderator
SettlingAphid60 wrote:
26BSD wrote:What did you do to that Mk2!? Tongue Out I've got a nice Mk2 and it doesn't do that! Smile

Also, I've got a really nice Yaris, which is not everyone's idea of a 'track day' car, which I will post some images of tommorow if I get time. I like it so much, that it made it onto my profile information to the left of my post. Big Smile

I'm not quite sure, but I'd suspect that it has...
-medium ride height,
-somewhat soft front suspension and stiffer rear suspension,
-really soft front anti roll bar, and really stiff rear anti roll bar

That would cause that effect, same I had on my MK 2 escort but opposite, it lifted the front tire.

Here is pic from really soft suspension on max height, and really stiff front anti roll bar, and really soft rear anti roll bar... on jeep... (yes silly tune again)


Nope, this would be wrong Cool Wink Tongue Out

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27 Re: Show Your Track Day Toys on 15th June 2012, 6:47 pm


Forza Track Days Administrator
Viggen, nice Datsun! Cool



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28 Re: Show Your Track Day Toys on 16th June 2012, 3:20 am

JA 37 Viggen

Forza Track Days Regular
Thanks! I'm going to put it in the club garage. Be warned. It cannot turn.

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