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Official Event FAQ and Rules

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1 Official Event FAQ and Rules on 30th May 2012, 11:35 am


Forza Track Days Administrator
What is an Official Event?

An Official Event is a track day style event which is only open to those who sign-up via the forum before the event is due to begin.

When are Official Events held?

You can find out when upcoming Official Events are taking place by navigating to the Calendar page of the website.

How long will Official Events last for?

Official Events will last for approximately 40 minutes, which will consist of 1 session on a pre-determined track. There will also be just-for-fun racing taking place afterwards for those that are interested.

Can I reserve a place for an Official Event?

Yes. You must click on your chosen event(s) using the Event Calendar, and then follow the instructions given in the forum post that you are directed towards. Spots are given on a first come, first serve basis - though reserve spots will be utilized when a full roster of drivers has already been established.

What cars can I drive at Official Events

It all depends on the theme for each event being held. Sometimes it is limited to production and road legal cars (with exceptions), whilst other times the event could have a theme, which will require drivers to choose a car accordingly. Your car Performance Index can range from F|100 to R2|875. The wider the variety, the better!

Are there any restrictions on liveries at Official Events?

Indeed there are. You are not allowed to, under any circumstances, have a race style livery painted on your car. However, you are required to display a licence plate. Racing stripes and sponsor decals are permitted, but not required, to be painted on your car.

What rules do I have to follow at Official Events?

During Official Events, you must follow simple track day etiquette. This means pulling slightly over to allow faster cars to pass, and no 'racing' other drivers. Also, no intentional bumping or crashing other drivers, as this could lead to being kicked from the lobby. We understand that track day events always have the potential to become competitive, but we urge drivers to stay as conserved as possible during Official Events.

Where can I find Official Event lobbies?

You can find Official Event lobbies by navigating to the follow Forza Motorsport 4 menus at the advertised start time:


Alternatively, you can send a friend request to PeskyBendben on Xbox LIVE, and receive an invite to the lobby.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and I'll see you on the track soon!




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